Chronic Pain Program


Chronic Pain Program

Move forward to health and wellness with the guidance and support you need.

In partnership with the University of Victoria and BC Health, Back in Motion is proud to be hosting Chronic Pain Self-Management courses. These courses come out of research conducted by Stanford University, and represent the most up-to-date research on the management of chronic disorders, including chronic pain. The programs are designed to help individuals that are living with chronic pain to manage their symptoms, avoid or reduce disability and improve their quality of life. This is accomplished though education regarding the nature of pain and pain conditions, providing and coaching a series “self-management tools”, and raising the individual’s self-efficacy through peer-support, goal setting and problem solving techniques. The programs are designed to complement treatments and therapies provided health professionals, and are appropriate for individuals of all stages and severity of pain conditions.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for individuals living with pain, as well as individuals living with or caring for a person with pain. This includes pain of all origins, including chronic disease, trauma, pain disorders, as well as spouses, family members and friends. Our courses are open to current and past patients, as well as the general public. Individuals are welcome to come alone or with someone else. If you know someone who might benefit, why not pass the information along?

What to expect?

Each course takes a small group of around 8-16 individuals. Sessions consist of small lecturettes, group and paired discussion, group and individual activities, gentle exercise, problem solving, pain management tools such as breathing techniques and individual planning. While participation is encouraged, individuals may decide to what extent they wish to become involved. If you don’t feel comfortable taking part on the first day, you will opportunities to participate throughout the course and may choose to do so at any point. You will never be pressured to divulge something you aren’t comfortable sharing.

6 weekly sessions 

The course consists of six 2.5-hour sessions held once per week. The sessions are kept short to facilitate individuals with low tolerance. We are currently running evening sessions from 5:00-7:30 to facilitate working individuals and those with day-time commitments. We may offer afternoon sessions in the future if we receive a high demand.

Peer Leaders

Each course is run by two leaders who have completed the University of Victoria training course. All the voluntary instructors are individuals living or working with pain conditions themselves, many of whom decided to become an instructor after experiencing the benefits of taking the course.

All supplies are provided

Each individual taking the course is furnished with their own copy of the Living a Health Life with Chronic Disease, an excellent resource book written specifically for the courses. Workbooks, audio CDs and all other materials are provided to you on the first day, so no need to bring or buy anything.

It’s Free!

There is no charge to the individuals attending the program. The books and handouts are funded by BC Health and all instructors provide the service on a voluntary basis. Back In Motion is proudly providing space to host the sessions, at all four of our locations across the lower mainland.

English as a second language?  

The courses are currently offered throughout the Lower Mainland in English, Punjabi and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). In addition, reading material and support is available in many other languages to assist with individuals who speak English as a second language. Audio tape versions of the books are available for those individuals with literacy, visual or other difficulties with text material.

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