Concussion Clinic


Concussion Clinic

Return to sport, return to school, return to work, return to health! Our Concussion Clinic can help you get back to doing what you love.

Back in Motion Physiotherapy and Active Rehab offer an extensive Concussion Clinic to help those struggling with a head injury resulting in a concussion. A concussion is a dysfunction of the brain cells caused by an acceleration/deceleration of the brain inside the skull. The resulting injury is metabolic (chemical/energy crisis), not structural. This means there is no damage to the brain cells following a concussion, but due to the slight stretching of the neurons, Potassium and Sodium move across cell membranes; this is the same mechanism as a neuron “firing” when the brain is passing information from one area to another. A concussion mimics a mass firing of the many thousands of neurons (cells) in the brain from a mechanical force (not necessarily the head), and as with any time a neuron fires the body needs to actively “reset” them (move the Sodium and Potassium back across the cell membrane in the opposite direction). This process requires energy (ATP- Adenosine Triphosphate), unfortunately, the body is unable to produce enough of this energy molecule after a concussion (due to a number of factors too detailed for this description), in order to reset all of the channels and there is a mass energy deficit/crisis, resulting in dysfunction. Over a period of 10-30 days (depending on numerous factors) the body is able to normalize this energy crisis and the vast majority of people (85-90%) will be asymptomatic within 7- 10 days.

Early management of a concussion by attending a concussion clinic can be key to managing symptoms and preventing longer term difficulties. Your individual assessment will center around managing your specific symptoms, providing timely interventions ultimately to help guide you effectively and safely through the return to sport/play/work/school protocols. Our return to play protocols are more extensive and specific than the Zurich Consensus 2012 Guidelines in order to make sure you are safe to return to contact sport.

Our team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Neuro-Psychologists are also well positioned to treat long standing concussions, also known as Post-Concussion Syndrome. If symptoms have persisted past 30 days from your concussion, then expert, in depth assessment will help to reveal the cause of these symptoms. Following a concussion the metabolic recovery (normalizing of the ATP level in the brain) takes up to 30 days, after this symptoms can become persistent due to either poor blood flow adaptations across the brain, vestibular (inner ear) dysfunction, visual problems or cervical spine (neck) problems, rather than damage to the brain. Your first appointment will be with the team Physiotherapist will ascertain which one, or combination of these are causing prolonged recovery. With you, they will create a customized concussion treatment plan to address your specific needs. Occupational Therapists and Neuro-Psychologists are also available, if necessary, for individuals experiencing symptoms primarily related to cognition (memory, attention, concentration) and emotional disturbance. In most cases, a consistent and specific treatment plan will completely resolve the symptoms from the initial trauma.

Finally, we offer comprehensive multi-faceted baseline testing. Baseline testing is the most helpful and conclusive tool we have right now in order to determine if someone is ready to return to contact sport. We know that during the “vulnerable period” (ATP shortage) performance across many tasks is diminished compared to pre-injury. Performance is known to recover back to the pre-injury levels with increased time and rehabilitation; baseline testing allows us to access this information.

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