Active Rehab & Kinesiology


Active Rehab & Kinesiology


Benefit from a 1-on-1 guided exercise, or from a comprehensive multidisciplinary rehab program.


1-on-1 guided exercise therapy with a kinesiologist will identify areas of weakness and restriction in order to ensure a speedy recovery. Ideal candidates for Kinesiology are those who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, individuals with low back pain, mild sports injuries, or anyone interested in maximizing their health and fitness. In some cases, Kinesiology sessions can be either fully or partially covered by ICBC or other private insurance companies to assist on your recovery process. If your injury has kept you from work or hobby, your kinesiologist will work with you to develop a customized plan that gets you back to work or hobby in a confident and timely manner.

If your injuries are extensive and have kept you from returning to work, or if other forms of therapy have failed, you may be a candidate for a customized rehabilitation program. Ask your doctor if a multidisciplinary rehab program is right for you.

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