Home Health Physiotherapy


Home Health Physiotherapy 


Let our Physiotherapists come to you.


Whether you have suffered a recent injury, been discharged from the hospital post-operatively, or been diagnosed with a condition that affects your mobility, one of our highly trained physiotherapists will be sure to provide therapy that meets your goals and gets you back to health! Call 604-233-2347 to book your first appointment.

What can Physiotherapy do for me?

Some of the conditions commonly treated in the home environment include:

  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation
  • Post-MVA treatment and rehabilitation
  • Pain Control for chronic conditions
  • Post-concussion therapy
  • Dizziness and Imbalance treatment
  • Gait/mobility retraining
  • Home safety assessments and equipment prescription/installation

How much does it cost?

Initial appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes, at a cost of $130. Subsequent appointments can be booked for either 45 minutes ($100), or 60 minutes ($130).

Do you charge for Travel?

There is no charge for travel!

Can I cancel my appointment if my plans change?

Your therapist will require 24 hours notice for cancellation without fee. Should you need to cancel at the last minute, or not be home at the scheduled appointment time, a $50 fee will be applied on the first occasion; subsequent late cancellations/no-shows will be charged the full rate.

Can a family member be present?

Yes! We encourage family member involvement, particularly in cases where ambulation, balance, and home safety are a concern. However we appreciate that this is often not possible and your therapist will customize a safe and effective treatment plan based on your particular needs.

How do I book an appointment?

Contact our Home Health front desk at 604-233-2347 to book your appointment, or to speak with a Physiotherapist. We look forward to hearing from you!