Sports Rehab


Sports Rehab


Return to sport quicker, stronger, and better prepared.


“I need my body at its best, day in and day out, in order to make a living. The team at Back In Motion Physiotherapy are the people I trust with my body. The staff is knowledgeable, personable, and always has me feeling 100%. I would refer anyone to BiM Physio!”


Adam Hadwin, Professional Golfer



Whether you are professional athlete, a competitive player, or someone who enjoys athletics recreationally, your goal is a full return to performance with minimal risk of re-injury. Our sports rehab clinicians will perform a full physical examination of your biomechanical alignment, joints, ligaments, muscles/tendons, and nerves, to determine the precise diagnosis and extent of damage.

They will also take a thorough history to identify any potential training errors, which are common. Treatment options include Graston technique (utilized by Michael Phelps!), Shockwave Therapy (for chronic recurrent problems), athletic taping and neuromuscular stimulation for “slow-to-fire” muscles. A sport-specific strengthening and stretching plan is necessary to prevent recurrence of injury. You will return to your sport stronger, more confident, and better equipped than ever!

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