Concussion Management

16 Mar 2015, Posted by admin in Blog

Concussion Management

It’s estimated that anywhere between 15-20% of athletes involved in high risk sports are going to get a concussion each season. This works out to 3.8 million injuries per year in the US alone. Media has dedicated a lot of attention towards these types of injuries in professional athletes, the majority of these types of injuries are happening in young, amateur athletes. For professional athletes, they have access to a team doctor, training staff and coaches that are all focused on you and preventing and treating possible head injuries that they may receive. This includes pre-season baseline testing, early prompt diagnosis, and a proper return to play program. Now, what happens with your young peewee or high school aged hockey or football players? These children and teens are left alone and sometimes even undiagnosed. They are left to seek their own care in the community, with no communication back to the team and Coaches. Research shows that most healthcare practitioners are not educated properly on concussion management and treatment. Concussions are a very common occurrence and one of the most concerning injuries a young person can have, and is also the most frequently mismanaged injury. Left untreated or mismanaged can result in severe brain injury with potentially permanent or fatal outcomes.

Back in Motion Physiotherapy is one of the over 50 clinics in Canada that is fully certified through Complete Concussion Management, to manage and treat concussions from beginning to end. We offer pre season baseline testing, Coach and trainer education programs, cutting edge rehabilitation, as well as Return to Play Protocols developed by the Chicago Blackhawks medical staff.

The most revolutional aspect of the Complete Concussion Management system is that when an athlete is baseline tested at a clinic, such as Back in Motion, they get an ID tag, which then gets fashioned onto their sports bag. This tag is now linked to an online record system, that stores all of their health data. So if an athlete is initially tested in Toronto, and they are playing in a sports tournament elsewhere in Canada and get injured, they can come to any Back in Motion Clinic and be tested and compared to their original pre-season baseline results. It also allows coach or trainer to report an athlete’s injury directly into the Complete Concussion Management database. This system helps provide constant communication and it is the integration of sports and health care.

Back in Motion is proud to be connected to Complete Consussion Management and their innovative approach to protection against the damaging effects of concussions.

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