Physiotherapist – Jamie Burniston

15 Apr 2015, Posted by admin in Blog
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Physiotherapist – Jamie Burniston

Jamie has been with Back in Motion Physiotherapy for over 2 years and has moved through the Surrey Clinic, Burnaby Clinic and now resides in the Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic. His favorite areas to treat are Low Backs, Knees and Shoulders, due to their need for manual treatment as well at exercise therapy. Jamie enjoys the uplifting process of having clients come in at a very difficult point in their life, and showing them that they CAN recover. They CAN get past this, and get back to what they love to do! Jamie thrives in seeing his clients safely return to work, overcome challenges and get back to the ‘Weekend Warrior’ they once were! He decided to become a physiotherapist after returning home from his undergrad summer job of planting trees with very sore knees. He was treated by a physiotherapist who assessed Jamie and discovered that him having flat feet was the root of the problem. Ever since then he has been fascinated by the interconnection between all parts of the body. Jamie has been taking courses in vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management, and graston technique, and continually pursuing credentials in advanced manual therapy through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Orthopaedic Division.

Jamie was born and raised in Vancouver on the North Shore. He has one brother who is a veterinarian in Victoria. He has always been very active, and competed twice at the Canadian Ultimate Frisbee National Championships. He is an important team member of the Richmond Back in Motion Physiotherapy Ball Hockey team, and is looking forward to the new season starting this summer! Jamie spent a good portion of his younger years traveling, exploring and volunteering in South America, prior to pursuing his physiotherapy degree. During his studies, he wanted to give back, and decided to work in India as a Physiotherapy Student treating kids with disabilities and adults with spinal cord injuries.

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Jamie’s Schedule in Richmond:

Monday – Friday 10:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am-6:00pm

To book an appointment with Jamie in Richmond, you can book online or call 604-233-2347 and our administrative staff will be happy to book you in!

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