Physiotherapist – Carlie Rompre

22 Jan 2015, Posted by admin in Blog
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Physiotherapist – Carlie Rompre

Carlie has been with Back in Motion Physiotherapy for over 4 years. She is a very dedicated and focused physiotherapist with an extreme attention to detail. Her favorite areas to treat are shoulders and knees. She has completed her Level 3 Advanced Orthopedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy training and am certified In Acupuncture, Graston and K- taping. Carlie’s main focus is on getting the best possible recovery for her clients. Whether it’s getting them back to the activities they were doing pre-injury, or improving their quality of life going forward. Carlie also does customized personal training outside of her work at Back in Motion. Her masters in physical therapy was completed at UBC in 2010. While in school, Carlie played for the UBC Varsity Ice Hockey Team. Carlie has always been very active in her community and volunteered her skills at various sporting events such as the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She completed her first half marathon in 2014 with a time of 1 hour and 37 minutes! Carlie has a very personal understanding of all sports related injuries, having always been a very physically active person. She currently Snowboards, Surfs, Hikes, Runs and Rock Climbs on a regular basis. Her treatments are always a fair combination of hands on therapy, physical exercises, and in some cases Acupuncture. Carlie has to be one of the most interesting and unique therapists we have here at Back in Motion, due to her very unique ‘night job’. Carlie has been writing, recording and preforming Hip Hop music for over 15 years and has 5 Albums under the alias ‘BabyC‘. Her lyrics are a reflection of feminine strength, independence, and resilience. Though music is her true passion, helping people be physically active and healthy has always been something that’s been close to her heart.

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Carlie’s schedule in Burnaby is:

Monday 8:00am-12:00pm

Tuesday 8:00am-2:40pm

Wednesday 8:00am-11:00am

Thursday 8:00am-2:40pm

Friday 8:00am-11:00am

To book as assessment with Carlie, please call the Burnaby Clinic at 604-424-9524 or book with her Online!

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