Clinical Team


Clinical Team 


At Back in Motion Physiotherapy and Active Rehab we’re dedicated to your treatment and recovery.


Alisha Raza, Program Coordinator

Dave Bernard, Physiotherapist

Jessica Edwards, Physiotherapist

Amy Hall, Kinesiologist


Sara Ichiki, Program Coordinator

Mark Westmacott, Physiotherapist

Zach Bentley, Kinesiologist

Lam Nguyen, Kinesiologist

Vanja Lentz, Kinesiologist


Paola Prea, Program Coordinator

Jennifer Yau, Physiotherapist

Eunice Lu, Kinesiologist


Dayna Wong, Program Coordinator

Matt Peters, Physiotherapist

Kenneth Moy,  Kinesiologist


Amanda Cannata, Program Coordinator

Sophie Rockingham, Program Coordinator

Mark Hynes, Physiotherapist

Sarah Edmilao, Kinesiologist


Amy Gunderson, Program Coordinator

Sean Kennedy, Program Coordinator

Laura Guido, Kinesiologist

Miscellaneous Locations

Trevor Mazurek, Occupational Therapist (Richmond, Vancouver)

Ashley Nickel, Occupational Therapist(Surrey, Abbotsford, Burnaby)

Joel Bland, Occupational Therapist (Surrey, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Vancouver)

Brooke English, Occupational Therapist (Richmond, Vancouver)

Chantelle Fortin, Occupational Therapist (Surrey, Abbotsford)

Dr. Jaye Wald, R.Psych.  (Abbotsford)

Dr. John MacDonald, R.Psych. (Surrey, Vancouver)

Dr. Kris Hallenburg, R.Psych. (Richmond, Surrey)

Dr. Ross Malekjah, R.Psych. (Richmond, Surrey)

Dr. Jeff Purkis, MD (Surrey, Richmond)

Dr. Alan Kuan, MD (Burnaby, Vancouver)

Dr. Anthony Koelink, MD (Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver)