Back in Motion Testimonials

12 May 2015, Posted by admin in Blog
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Back in Motion Testimonials

At Back in Motion Physiotherapy, we take pride in client satisfaction. We have accumulated many amazing testimonials over the years are love sharing clients inspiring stories of motivation, triumph and success! 100% of all Client Satisfaction Survey’s state that they would recommend Back in Motion to a friend!

“Dave, Adam, Barry and Vanya have done wonders for my osteoarthritis of the hip. After 6 weeks with the crew at BIM Burnaby, I feel stronger than I have in years. And I’m walking without a limp! Amazingly, I’m back to work in 2 weeks! I look forward to every session. Thanks so much everyone at BIM Burnaby. I’ll miss you guys when my program is complete.” – Tracy G., Client Burnaby ★★★★★

“Let me say up front that I never write online reviews; ever. However, after my experience at Back in Motion, I literally sought out ways to do so. I attended Back in Motion for a back injury and was completely and utterly blown away by both the service from the front end staff as well as my physiotherapist. Improvements started on day 1 for me, after my physiotherapist instantly diagnosed and located the problem with my back,medical professionals down to the particular disc, and I improved every day. A rehabilitation program was designed around my twice weekly visits that worked around my work schedule with my therapist even coming in early to do so. After 3 weeks I’m feeling so much better that I’m almost in disbelief. From where I was to where I am today seems like light years and I’m so thankful. Those who have had back injuries know how impactful and detrimental they are on your life. Thanks to my physiotherapist and Back in Motion staff, I literally have my work and home life back in 100% working order and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the hard work you guys did. You’re simply amazing!!! Thank you so much.” – Chris M., Client Burnaby ★★★★★

“I’ve been surfing and training every day. I’m keeping up on all the exercises he’s given me. And I’ve added on more challenging exercises. Feeling really strong, mobile and flexible. When I feel pain or tightness coming on I go for a massage and do lots of stretching. Back in motion saved my life!!!” – Teresa E., Client Vancouver ★★★★★

“Very Impressed after my first visit today with Matt Peters at the Back in Motion Physiotherapy Surrey location. Matt and the staff were really helpful and Matt went out of his way to carefully explain the shockwave therapy I was to undergo on my shoulders. I can best describe it was being “Tasered with a jackhammer” OK, Slight Exaggeration, but it really was a good experience, and after one treatment I already feel improvement in the shoulder area. Thanks Again!” – Scott W., Client Surrey ★★★★★

“I am blown away at the improvement I’ve enjoyed. From 15 months of chronic pain to back to work in 6 weeks is bordering on a miracle! Staff is extraordinary! THANK YOU!!!” – Kerrie J., Client Richmond ★★★★

“I am very pleased with all the help I have received I leave feeling better overall and hopeful that I will get better still. I really appreciated the moral support Fez gave me. He took the time to listen to my concerns, encourage me and help me think in a healthy way as well as rehab in a healthy way.” – Anonymous Client, Surrey★★★★

“My right rotor cuff had been sore for a few years. I went to the doctor and she lined me up with UBC Sports Medicine to get the cortisone (Steroid) shot to relieve the pain, but suggested I also have some physiotherapy done work with Back in Motion(there was calcification and bone rubbing on bone) I googled my way around and found Back in Motion had an office in Vancouver on East Broadway. After only two sessions with Mark my shoulder is radically different from his knowledge, treatment and shockwave therapy! No more Pain! Now I won’t have to go to UBC and I am SO delighted. Thanks to Mark and Back in Motion!” – Anonymous Client, Vancouver ★★★★★

“I attended a Work Conditioning Program at Back In Motion through my work, for over a year, I now continue privately, attending physiotherapy and conditioning for over 2 years. I have found the staff to be very professional, knowledgeable and friendly! The staff are very flexible and easy to work with! The facilities are well stocked with equipment, easy to get to location, Skytrain a block away, and parking is available. This is one of the best facilities I have attended, and I have attended many! Keep up the great work!” – Judie P., Client Burnaby/Vancouver ★★★★★

“We’re so impressed with the physio that we’ve received from Dave at Back in Motion that all 4 members of our family go to see him when needed. Dave’s Knowledge, skill and professionalism are greatly appreciated.” – Jacquline O., Client Burnaby ★★★★

“Thank You so much for all the wonderful care you have given me during my rehabilitation time at your facility.  I have been very privileged to have been able to attend at your clinic and be around such positive and uplifting people.  I have enjoyed your encouragement and support during my rehab process and all the extension time you gave me pro bono.  I am beyond words to express how appreciative I am of this gesture.  I extend to you my gratitude and thanks for allowing me to park in your lot during my time at the clinic.  This was a huge “God Send” to me.  I wish you every success with all your future endeavors.” – Brenda T., Client Burnaby ★★★★★

“Very helpful and encouraging staff members. Very supportive. Fez and Mark always checked on how I was doing and always had positive and motivational attitude. Amanda was always there for guidance and support” –  Anonymous Client, Surrey★★★★★

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